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Code Snippets

How's that done?

Interested in knowing how I've done some of the things you see on this website?

You've come to the right place. The portfolio section shows you the front-ends of the sites I've worked on, but here I'll show you the back-end, i.e., how it works.

If you're interested in having me build a site for you, this area might help you decide if I'm the man for the job, and can create something you'd like have.

If you're a developer yourself, or someone interested in evaluating my skills (such as a potential employer), these are the items I most want to show off.

Disclaimer: You are free to use any of the code I present here for yourself; however, I provide no guarantees of performance, nor warranties against damage. Use at your own risk!
(In the interest of the free flow of information, you are invited to contact me with any problems, questions, or suggested improvements.)

Probably the most obvious bit of flashiness on the site, these are the regions that,
if you hover your mouse over them, they make a little pop-upbox appear. Isn't that cute!