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Apex Fun Run

The owner of Apex Fun Run came to me with an existing site based partly on Drupal 6 & partly custom PHP code in dire need of repair and enhancement. Starting with an initial project to revise the existing theming layer, and add some much-needed functionality for administrators, this project led to a long-term contract spanning almost two years. I improved the existing code base and added functionality. I made database queries more efficient, improved mechanisms for administrative users to gather reporting information and generally put out fires on an ad hoc basis. I instituted an improved development workflow using Mercurial as a version control system. Added Ajax-based functions to make improve the experience of administrators and other users. Added communication features with PayPal to handle the recording of payment transactions. Migrated the existing code base and databases to a new hosting environment for improved performance. Eventually, I decided that the site would be best served by others who could provide the owner with guaranteed on-call, 24-7 service, and so removed myself from the project.

Apex Fun Run
Work Dates: 
May, 2011 to August, 2013
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Apex Fun Run Homepage