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Fencing Center of Long Island

As a co-owner of Long Island's first seven-day-a-week fencing center, I developed our website as a showcase for the school. The site was designed to serve two main audiences:

  1. Current students: Interested in upcoming events, scheduling, recent tournament results
  2. Prospective students: Interested in class schedules, fees, directions, and general information

The site had two particular highlights:

  1. The Flash-based introduction, which I created by working backwards from the logo, which had been designed by another owner.
  2. The navigation system, which won a class award while I was first learning web development.

The FCLI is now defunct, and the owners scattered across the US, but operating the school and building and maintaining that website remain a happy memory.

Work Dates: 
May, 1999 to May, 2006