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Outwest Gear and Apparel

This is a straightforward eCommerce built for a client in early 2017. In order to meet a tight deadline I went with Drupal 7, although if time had been permitted I would have opted for Drupal 8. The site makes use of a variety of contributed modules, highlighting the vast plasticity of the Drupal framework and the wealth of contributions by the Drupal community. An off-the-shelf theme with a few CSS tweaks were all that necessary to produce a customized look and feel for the client and fully functional shopping experience for his customers. I continue to maintain the site with updates and adjustments as requested. You can visit the actual site at https://outwestgearandapparel.com

Outwest Gear & Apparel, LLC
Work Dates: 
April, 2018
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Outwest Gear & Apparel Screenshot
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Catalog Close Up

A close up of an item in the product catalog, showing easy it is for customers to select an item and add it to a shopping cart

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Product Detail Page

A product page from the catalog displaying more detailed information, as well as a larger photo.

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