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Recovery Zone

My first professional project, I spearheaded the conversion of an existing site from ColdFusion to PHP & MySQL. As sole developer, I handled all aspects of the code rebuilding, including database structures, and project management procedures, including the use of a version control system, namely Mercurial. I also handled site maintenance tasks, once the site was publicly available, including customer support.
Later, the project expanded, and I built a user-centric site intended as a flagship for the company. That site was based on Drupal 6, and was my first foray into the use of this powerful content management system.

I was involved in all aspects of the development of the Drupal site, which was built to be on online tool for patients in addiction recovery and their therapists. I created and enhanced user profiles and workflows, and used those as bases for all development work. The project reached beta testing phase, and I was in charge of customer support, gathering feedback from our users, and implementing changes and improvements from that. Unfortunately the plugged was pulled shortly before I was ready to take the site public, and I can only provide a limited mock-up here.

Recovery Zone Services
Work Dates: 
September, 2008 to October, 2010