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Outwest Gear and Apparel

Outwest Gear & Apparel Screenshot

This is a straightforward eCommerce built for a client in early 2017. In order to meet a tight deadline I went with Drupal 7, although if time had been permitted I would have opted for Drupal 8. The site makes use of a variety of contributed modules, highlighting the vast plasticity of the Drupal framework and the wealth of contributions by the Drupal community. An off-the-shelf theme with a few CSS tweaks were all that necessary to produce a customized look and feel for the client and fully functional shopping experience for his customers.

Apex Fun Run

Apex Fun Run Homepage

The owner of Apex Fun Run came to me with an existing site based partly on Drupal 6 & partly custom PHP code in dire need of repair and enhancement. Starting with an initial project to revise the existing theming layer, and add some much-needed functionality for administrators, this project led to a long-term contract spanning almost two years. I improved the existing code base and added functionality. I made database queries more efficient, improved mechanisms for administrative users to gather reporting information and generally put out fires on an ad hoc basis.

El Capitan

An affiliate of El Capitan PMI asked me to enhance the presentation of investor-relations materials on this pre-existing Drupal 7 site. To this end, I built new views to display news bulletins and reports, and provide RSS feeds.

Recovery Zone

My first professional project, I spearheaded the conversion of an existing site from ColdFusion to PHP & MySQL. As sole developer, I handled all aspects of the code rebuilding, including database structures, and project management procedures, including the use of a version control system, namely Mercurial. I also handled site maintenance tasks, once the site was publicly available, including customer support.

Fencing Center of Long Island

As a co-owner of Long Island's first seven-day-a-week fencing center, I developed our website as a showcase for the school. The site was designed to serve two main audiences:

  1. Current students: Interested in upcoming events, scheduling, recent tournament results
  2. Prospective students: Interested in class schedules, fees, directions, and general information

The site had two particular highlights: