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Michael A. Sypes Web Development

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I use tools including PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, and Drupal

"Use The Right Tool For The Job"

I use a variety of tools to build websites, and choose the ones that best meet the needs at hand. It's been said that to the man with a hammer, everything is a nail. I avoid that frame of mind so that I can build you the best functioning website I can for your specific needs.

Here are some the tools I have in my belt:

  • HTML

    (eXtensible) HyperText Markup Language is the base language that web pages are written in. It organizes and structures the information you want to present. When I started in web development, HTML4 was the current standard. I moved from that to XHMTL, and am now incorporating the new emerging standards of HTML5. Keeping up with the latest standards ensures that your website will remain robust and more easily updated in years to come.

  • CSS

    Cascading Style Sheets are used to control the display of the information on the page, e.g., colors of the background and text, borders, etc. The latest CSS3 standards are taking root now, but it's still important to maintain backward compatibility for users who are using older browsers.

  • PHP

    The Pre-HTML Processor can be used behind-the-scenes to generate web pages that are individualized, based on database information or information supplied by visitors to your website.

  • MySQL & PostgreSQL

    These variants of Structured Query Language are used in database operations, to store and deliver information to your site's visitors, often used in conjunction with PHP.

  • Javascript, jQuery & AJAX

    These technologies allow websites to be interactive. If this text is popping up in response to your mouse movements it's accomplished with jQuery. (If the text is omnipresent, you have Javascript disabled on your browser.)

  • Drupal Content Management System

    Content Management Systems are engines allowing the construction of grand websites, and Drupal is a first-class example: eCommerce, Social Networks, complex storage and delivery of any sort of information content.